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Fiber Optical Bluepoint Source

Fiber Optical Bluepoint Source

Optical fiber point source

Product ID: Hoenle Bluepoint 2 Easycure / Bluepoint 4 Ecocure / Bluepoint 4

The high efficiency UV point source is suitable for a point localization to cure the ultraviolet ray active adhesive and the conformal coating material precisely.

  • UVA-intensity between 2000 to 14.000 mW/cm2* adjustable.
  • Extended lamp life (usually approximately is 3000 hours), because of using the new tube craft to cause the energy intensity consumption to be low.
  • External remote control through PLC and easy lamp replacement.
  • User friendly Interface.
  • Entry of complete program sequences.
  • In simultaneously uses the (Hoenle) UV meter to be possible to realize the automatic correction and the power regulation.
  • Has the RS 232 connections, the programmable controller connection as well as has may choose the function of the auxiliary relay electronic contact.
  • The electronic ballast can match automatically with the world existing alternating current.
  • May exchange the light filter use in each kind of different spectrum.
  • All parameter setting value may save on 6 storage plates when for adjusting.
  • May through the Internet renewal software.
  • May combine with:
    • A control meter is built-in to control the Hoenle's micro measurement valve PV1000.
    • (*It could be carry on survey by Hoenle's UV meter with 8mm photoconductor and UVA photoconductor sensor).
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